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Welcome Graveyard Carz fans!


Mark Worman and his crew at Graveyard Carz specialize in resurrecting derelict Mopar muscle cars. These rare and wrecked Dodges, Chryslers and Plymouths were thought to be beyond repair, until Mark and the Graveyard Ghouls brought them back to life.

When Mark moved to his shop he knew he needed reliable and high-quality equipment. (Learn more about the advantages of screw compressors over piston.) His research led him to Kaeser, who designed a complete compressed air system including: screw compressors (like the SM units in their shop), filters, tanks, and a refrigerated dryer. The new compressed air system keeps their tools in the body shop and assembly rooms running smoothly and efficiency.

Watch the video below to hear Mark, Royal and Will explain how Kaeser optimized their shop and then contact your local Kaeser distributor to see how we can help you optimize your compressed air installation.

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