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Punkin Chunkin


Kaeser’s Senior National Service Engineer, Ray Tolson, is our resident chunkin' expert. His air cannon, the Second Amendment Too, is powered with air from a Mobilairâ„¢ portable compressor as well as a reciprocating booster compressor to increase the pressure. This 30,000 lb air cannon is always a crowd favorite and even took home the first place trophy in 2011. Watch video of the Second Amendment Too on our YouTube Channel and you can also look for highlights on Thanksgiving night on the Discovery and Science Channels.

Second Amendment Too Punkin Chunkin gun

About Punkin Chunkin

Punkin Chunkin is the premier event for finding out who can shoot a pumpkin the farthest -- and the huge compressed air powered cannons and the nearly 100 other "punkin" hurling contraptions shoot 'em far indeed! In addition to the competition, the event hosts a pumpkin cooking contest, chili cook-off, and beauty contest. Best of all, Punkin Chunkin proceeds go to several charitable foundations, including St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, Childhelp, an organization working to end child abuse, and several other local organizations.

Learn more about Punkin Chunkin at

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