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Educational Materials


In response to requests for instructive materials that outline the most important factors to consider in air system operations, Kaeser has developed these guides available free of charge:

Compressed Air Engineering

This system design engineering guide covers the fundamentals of compressed air technology and highlights ways to improve efficiency in a compressed air system. Topics include: 

  • Fundamentals of compressed air production
  • Air treatment
  • Efficient controls
  • Optimizing performance to meet actual demand
  • Heat recovery
  • Compressed air audits
  • Piping
  • Ventilation
  • And much more.


Blower System Installation Guide

At Kaeser, we believe the more you know about operating blower systems the more you'll get out of them. That's why we're committed to offering you the most current information you need to wisely install, operate, and maintain yours.


Compressed Air System Installation Guide

Written by Kaeser's team of engineers and compressed air experts, this 83-page e-book provides the most current information you need to wisely install, operate, and maintain your compressed air system.


En Español: Guía de instalación de sistemas de aire comprimido


Air Compressor Guide — Getting the Most for Your Money

This 8-page, full-size, illustrated guide introduces the various types of air compressors, and includes tips on evaluating compressed air systems and selecting an air compressor. A troubleshooting reference guide, maintenance tips, a glossary of compressed air terminology, plus conversion formulas are also included.


Compressed Air Treatment Guide — How to Select the Right Equipment for Your Application

This 8-page, full-size, illustrated guide explains the six levels of compressed air treatment, what to look for when selecting dryers, filters and drain traps, when to use aftercoolers and breathing air systems, as well as maintenance suggestions and other reference data.




Designing Your Compressed Air System — How to Determine the System You Need

This 8-page, full-size, illustrated guide details how to determine compressed air demand and air quality level, how to evaluate air supply, storage and distribution, and system layout considerations. Updated with all the latest information in system management and control, it also provides important reference data and supporting illustrations.


Energy Savings in Compressed Air Systems — Achieving Significant Savings through Energy Management

This 8-page, full-size, illustrated guide covers all of the important aspects of energy efficiency. It includes information on how to evaluate compressor efficiency, how to cost-justify the purchase of more energy-efficient compressors, how to use heat recovery to increase overall efficiency, and the importance of system maintenance.




Cost Savings with Compressed Air System Maintenance

This 8-page, full-size, illustrated guide outlines maintenance activities for each component of a compressed air system, including compressors, dryers, filters, drains and aftercoolers. The special Problem Solved! section provides practical solutions for common air system problems. Practical suggestions for improving your bottom line are covered in another section titled Five Steps to Save Money with Maintenance.


Air System Control Guide - A Comprehensive Review of Compressor Settings and System Management

Check out Kaeser’s new “Compressed Air Controls”   guide - this 8-page, four-color publication is a collection of technical articles that cover:  baselining your system, selecting compressor and system controls, NS Integrated air system controls.  End-users with existing systems and new installations alike can benefit from this guide’s comprehensive system reviews and suggestions for improving compressor performance.



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