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On this page, you'll find technical articles reprinted from trade journals and industry magazines on the various aspects of compressed air and air system design. The main ideas are summarized in short abstracts. To launch or download the article, simply click on the title. 


A Guide to Blowers

When it comes to the costs of running a wastewater treatment plant, the conversation tends to begin and end with blowers. These machines are a staple in wastewater operations, gobbling up energy and running up the power bill as they function, so it's worth taking the time to make the right investment.

Learn the differences in blower design and how to choose the right one for a given treatment plant.

Author: Stephen Horne. Blower Product Manager
Source: Water Online

pdf_icoA Guide to Blowers

Industrial Compressor or Electric Heater?
See your compressors in a new light to unlock major energy savings and cost rewards

More and more industrial compressed air users are embracing a systems approach to energy efficiency. Gone are the days of simply comparing the electrical efficiency of compressors and buying the one with the lowest input energy. Smart operators are looking beyond individual components. They are beginning to understand that true efficiency is more than the sum of the system's parts -- it's how everything works together as a whole.

Author: Wayne Perry, Senior Technical Director
Source: Plant Services

pdf_icoIndustrial Compressor or Electric Heater

Portable Compressor Maintenance Tips
Be prepared for top performance

Portable compressors are designed to be durable, but this doesn't mean they are exempt from routine maintenance. Having a plan in place to regularly check your portable compressors for maintenance issues will keep them running at their best and out in the field earning revenue.

Author: Chance Chartters, Mobilair Sales Manager
Source: Pro Contractor Rentals

pdf_icoPortable Compressor Maintenance Tips

Getting System Specific with Blower Design
Lower Energy Costs for Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater managers are always under pressure to reduce costs. Lowering the electric bill — which also saves precious resources — is a high priority. Water Online spoke with Kaeser Compressors' blower product manger, Stephen Horne, about this issue and their approach to improving energy efficiency at wastewater treatment plants.

Author: Stephen Horne. Blower Product Manager
Source: Water Online

pdf_icoGetting System Specific with Blower Design

When Blowers are the Total Package

Explained: The benefits of bundling a blower package, how to avoid common maintenance issues, and what a classic movie monster has to do with treatment plant technology.

Author: Stephen Horne. Blower Product Manager, and Michael Camber, Marketing Services Manager
Source: Water Online

pdf_icoWhen Blowers are the Total Package

Blower System Integration for Wastewater Aeration

The overall wastewater treatment process is complex, and each step is integral to ensuring water is properly purified. Effluent ends up in the plants, containing substances that must be removed before the water can be properly cleaned and returned for use. The range of potential contaminants is almost endless and can include food, pulp, waste, or other substances. Afterwards, the water requires further scrubbing, with the aid of bacteria. It is in this part of the process that compressed air plays a vital role.

Blower air is an indispensable part of biological wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) processes. Integration -- on the blower package level as well as the system level -- is key to maximizing energy efficiency and ensuring that this critical service is readily available for the communities the WWPT serves.

Author: Stephen Horne, Blower Product Manager and Marcus Jungkunst, Blower Product Support
Source: Blower & Vacuum Best Practices

pdf_icoBlower System Integration for Wastewater Aeration

Boeing Canada Winnipeg Recognized for Compressed Air Project

Boeing Canada Winnipeg (BCW) has been recognized with the best improvement project of 2013 within the Boeing enterprise worldwide. A cross-functional project team including BCW staff, Manitoba Hydro technical support, and design engineers from Alliance Engineering Services, Inc. used innovative high-pressure storage to reduce the required size of their air compressors and save substantial utility energy and demand charges.

Author: Ron Marshall for the Compressed Air Challenge
Source: Compressed Air Best Practices

pdf_icoBoeing Canada Winnipeg Recognized for Compressed Air Project

Back to the Basics

Having a program to find, tag, and fix compressed air leaks will keep them in check, prolong equipment life, and add money back to your bottom line.

Author: Michael Camber and Waheed Chaudhry
Source: Plant Services

pdf_icoBack to the Basics

Repair or Rethink

The Moundsville Wastewater Treatment Plant in West Virginia chooses not to fix a broken blower unit, but rather to correct an outdated approach. The result is a savings of $50-60K a year in energy costs.

Author: Kaeser Compressors, Inc.
Source: Kaeser Report

pdf_icoRepair or Rethink

Kings of the Road

Kaeser Compressors has teamed up with West Coast Customs for a technology partnership that will get your motor running! Many of us were first introduced to West Coast Customs when it served as the back drop for MTV’s wildly popular series Pimp My Ride. This success lent itself to their own show that aired on different networks. Kaeser first appeared on the “DC Tundra” episode and continued through the third season and into reruns. Currently, they are getting ready to launch a brand new show with even bigger builds on Fox Sports.

Author: Kaeser Compressors, Inc.
Source: Kaeser Report

pdf_icoKings of the Road

Go With the Flow

Dallas-based American Leather has had great success with using Kaeser’s rotary lobe blowers for vacuum hold down on router tables. This article details how American Leather experienced issues with their hold down including their router tables not keeping the plywood sheets in place after significant portions were cut off which created down time, inaccurate cuts and excessive scrap material.  Kaeser sales representatives worked with the company to find a solution that helped fix the issues.

Author: Kaeser Compressors, Inc.
Source: Kaeser Report

pdf_icoGo with the Flow: Vacuum Blowers for American Leather

Breath of Fresh Air

A portable aeration system provides both immediate and long-term solutions to compliance issues with a West Virginia city's treatment lagoon.

Author: Scottie Dayton
Source: TPO

pdf_icoBreath of Fresh Air

Ease Your Purchasing Pressure

The impact of compressed air on workflow and product is often overlooked. The bad news: costly rework due to poor quality paint jobs and workflow interruptions due to inadequate air supply can increase cycle times, causing real monetary losses. The good news: You have complete control over your compressed air system.

Author: Michael Camber
Source: Bodyshop Business

pdf_icoSelect the Right Pressure for Your Air System

Maximizing Compressed Air Energy

A plant or manufacturing facility’s need for compressed air is undeniable.   Not only is it necessary for the functioning of tools, but it is also essential in the processing of products that require clean, high quality air as part of its production cycle.   Not all compressors are created equal, nor do all plants’ needs follow specific guidelines.   Choosing the right system for your plant’s operational needs is vital, often determining productivity, customer service and quality levels.

Author: Kathy Scott, Magazine Editor
Source: Plant Safety & Maintenance

pdf_icoMaximizing Compressed Air Energy

Clean = Green

Consumers want to buy from environmentally responsible businesses and as illustrated by the ever-increasing number of companies seeking the relatively new ISO 14001 certification.  Virtually every industry segment is currently trying to reduce water pollution.  In the compressed air industry, condensate treatment, though sometimes overlooked, is becoming increasingly important.

Author: Scott Norton
Source: Chemical Processing


New Blower Packages Improve Dewatering System Performance

Dewatering processes, such as carpet dewatering in the textile industry and pulp dewatering in the paper industry, are excellent opportunities for incorporating current rotary-lobe blower technology, and improving system efficiency and lowering operating costs. A rotary-lobe, positive-displacement blower setup for vacuum operation and coupled with a moisture separator before the blower provides a new dewatering method that is more energy efficient and significantly more controllable.

Author: Calvin Wallace
Source: Industrial Waterworld

pdf_icoImprove Dewatering System Performance

Reinventing the Industrial Blower

Today, industrial blowers are the workhorses of the process industry.  These high volume, low pressure air producers are being used by the hundreds in some operations for a variety of applications from material handling to aeration.  However, despite the prevalence of industrial blowers there is a downside: blowers can create noise levels that rival jet engines if not properly designed or enclosed.  Therefore, finding an industrial blower package that has been properly designed and optimized to reduce sound output is necessary to prevent dangerous ambient noise levels and sound vibrations that can damage other equipment throughout the system.

Author: Ed Sullivan
Source: Processing

pdf_icoReinventing the Industrial Blower

Effective Portable Compressor Maintenance

Portable compressors are the power plants of any construction site. The best way to ensure your power plant’s continuing performance and reliability is a regular maintenance routine. The key is to plan preventive maintenance in advance to avoid unexpected and expensive downtime.

Author: Chance Chartters
Source: Compact Equipment

pdf_icoEffective Portable Compressor Maintenance

Variable Frequency Drive
Compressed Air Solutions Series - Issue 1

When is variable frequency drive right for your application? The advantage seems obvious: adapt output requirements to various demands. However, there is a reason that not every single rotary screw compressors is sold with variable speed drive.

Author: Kaeser Compressors, Inc.
Source: The Kaeser Report

pdf_icoCAS: Variable Freqency Drive

Managing Peak Demand
Compressed Air Solutions Issue 2

With the country's aging fleet of power plants, most US utilities levy steep "peak demand" charges when business exceed their allotted, un-penalized power consumption. Peak demand charges are a particular concern for today's manufacturers who need to optimize operating efficiency and reduce overall costs at every turn.

Author: Kaeser Compressors, Inc.
Source: The Kaeser Report

pdf_icoCAS: Managing Peak Demand

Rotary Lobe Blowers - Features and Benefits at a Glance
Compressed Air Solutions Issue 3

Processors and manufacturers across the country use blowers and blower packages in a wide variety of applications. From bulk and pneumatic conveying to soil remediation and waste water treatment, blowers produce high volumes of low pressure air.

Author: Kaeser Compressors, Inc.
Source: The Kaeser Report

pdf_icoCAS: Rotary Lobe Blowers

CAGI Data Sheets...The Only Reliable Performance Comparison
Compressed Air Solutions Issue 4

The Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) has established a uniform testing and reporting procedure for compressors. These CAGI data sheets provide an apples to apples comparison of unit performance and are available from any member manufacturer.  This article includes a sample sheet and line-by-line explanation.

Author: Kaeser Compressors, Inc.
Source: The Kaeser Report

pdf_icoCAS: CAGI Data Sheets

Reliable and efficient concept
Tailor-made air supplies for PET bottle production

It's immediately obvious from a glance in the beverages section of any supermarket – the containers and bottles of polyethylene terephthalate, better known as PET, are competing strongly with conventional glass containers and bottles. And there's a good reason; PET offers both the beverage industry and the consumer immense advantages. Compressed air plays a central role in the production of modern packaging mediums. In this particular field of operations, tailor-made system solutions can increase efficiency significantly.

Author: Michael Bahr
Source: Getränkeindustrie (6/2003)

pdf_icoReliable and efficient concept

Is variable speed drive the panacea we're looking for?

What does a compressed air system have in common with a symphony orchestra? Best performance is not achieved by outstanding soloists, but by optimum interplay. Experienced compressor manufacturers can now offer system solutions to industry that meet this requirement in every respect. As well as correct system design and sizing, both the master controller and the internal controller play a very important role.

Author: Erwin Ruppelt, Michael Bahr
Source: Drucklufttechnik (1-2/2003), page 24

pdf_icoIs variable speed drive the panacea we're looking for?

Zurich to Thalwil, An Example of Modern Tunneling Technique

Swiss Railways have laid a parallel dual railway line between Zurich and Thalwil to relieve the heavy traffic load on the lakeside section of this route. The new line, opened for passenger and goods trains in 2003, passes through a tunnel for 9.4 of it's total 10.7 km length under the Allmend Brunau region. The geological structure through which the tunnel was driven presents a stiff challenge in which compressed air played a major role.

Author: Michael Bahr
Source: SchweizerBauJournal 5/2000

pdf_icoTunneling Technique (PDF)

Piesau Glassworks Opts for Efficient Air Technology. Traditional glassworks successful on the open market

Entry into the open market proved to be a successful venture for the German Piesau Glassworks in Thuringia, turning them into a competitive international presence. Whereas the smelting furnaces run on electricity and gas, compressed air is the main energy medium for the processing machines in which glass vessels are blown. The article describes the efficiency of the compressed air and vacuum stations, which are under the control and supervision of a KAESER VESIS master controller. With regard to overall economy, this equipment offers a decisive advantage in that the optimized performance and utilization of the compressors as well as improved ventilation will bring the user a shorter payback time.

Author: Michael Bahr, Erwin Ruppelt
Source: Glas-Ingenieur 5 (1999), page 52 ff.

pdf_icoGlassworks Piesau (PDF)

Next Summer Will Surely Come! How to avoid overheating problems in compressed air installations.

Soaring summer temperatures bring sweat to the brows of many production managers whose plant relies on compressed air being delivered by equipment not adequately designed and installed for realistic year-round conditions. The article deals with the cooling aspect of compressor and dryer design and installation. The compressor room itself as well as the compressors in it must be properly ventilated with provision for inlet and exhaust air. Heat of compression has to be taken away and should ideally put to some useful purpose via a heat recovery system. The air dryer downstream of the compressor has to be designed to cope with high ambient and high air inlet temperatures. All these criteria should be taken into account for optimum configuration of an air system that can be relied on.

Author: Erwin Ruppelt
Source: Schweizer Maschinenmarkt 20 (1993), page 106 ff.

pdf_icoNext Summer Will Come for sure (PDF)
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