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At Kaeser, we are committed to helping users increase compressed air system performance while saving energy and reducing maintenance costs. We recognize that having efficient components is only part of the sustainability picture, and that the greatest efficiency gains are achieved through proper system design. We can help you maximize the performance and up-time of your production equipment.

Use the tools on this page to learn more about how you can reduce your compressed air system energy consumption and take advantage of money saving rebates through your local utility. Your local representative is ready to help.

Rebate Finder

Many utilities offer financial incentives to improve plant energy efficiency. Use the search function at the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) to find incentives for compressed air and other plant equipment in your area.

10 Energy Saving Tips

We've complied a list of ten steps to energy savings in compressed air systems. Check out what you can do today to increase your system's efficiency!

Download CAGI Data Sheets

Looking for a quick and easy way to compare compressor performance? Check out our CAGI data sheets - now independently verified by third party testing! Click here for more information on the Performance Verification Program or visit

Educational Materials

In response to requests for instructional materials on air system operations, Kaeser has developed five guides that are available free of charge. Each guide addresses a specific topic and outlines important factors in designing, selecting and maintaining the right compressed air system for the application.

Kaeser Toolbox

The Kaeser Toolbox includes many helpful tools for compressed air engineering calculations.

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