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Announcing Kaeser's Latest Blog Entry: Don't Throw Your Compressed Air Down the Drain



Kaeser Compressors, Inc. has published a new blog entry to company blog Kaeser Talks Shop:

Authored by Marketing Services Manager Michael Camber, the blog entry explains how condensate drains are often an overlooked area for energy-savings in compressed air systems. As covered in the blog entry, a steel mill was able to save $11,320 annually by switching to automatic demand drains.
“Timed electric drains are still fairly common even though they vent costly compressed air whether or not there is condensate,” explained blogger Michael Camber. “Automatic demand drains, however, only activate when condensate is present, saving valuable compressed air.”

For more technical resources for the compressed air industry, Kaeser's blog features additional articles such as:
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•    and CAGI Data Sheets: An Apples to Apples Comparison

To read the complete blog entry, visit  For more information on Kaeser’s latest blog entry, call (877) 417-3527.

Kaeser's latest blog entry explains the energy-savings benefits of automatic demand drains.

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