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Heat of Compression Dryer (i.HOC)


Innovative, intelligent, integrated – The new i.HOC rotary drum dryer provides a dependable source of quality compressed air with pressure dew points to -22°F.

i.HOC in detail


Full flow regeneration

i.HOC utilizes 100% of the available hot compressed air from the 2nd stage for regeneration. This consequently increases the potential for moisture discharge compared with dryers that use only partial flow. This applies especially with compressor partial load and high coolant temperatures.
Drying even near the limit

The advantages of full flow regeneration become obvious, especially with increased coolant temperatures. Kaeser rotation drum dryers achieve outstanding drying results even without additional electric heating of the regeneration air.
Perfect performance

The i.HOC rotation dryer’s intelligent control ensures dew point stability even with fluctuating air deliveries and at compressor partial load. When commissioned, the target pressure dew point is reached after just one rotation of the drum.
Precision drum

The silica gel desiccant is bedded in a precision manufactured drum with exceptionally high run-out qualities. Incorrect flows within the dryer and resulting pressure dew point fluctuations are therefore reliably prevented.
External condensate separation

i.HOC uses a highly efficient condensate separator downstream from the second compression stage’s heat exchanger in order to separate the condensate that precipitates during the regeneration process outside of the dryer. This protects the drum against potential damage from water droplets.
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