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  Calculating Heat Recovery 
Calculating the recoverable heat of a rotary screw compressor

Please use a decimal point and not a comma to indicate the decimal place!
The blue rows indicated contain results.

SI - Units
US - Units

Space heating with hot exhaust air
Water heating  
Motor power output at working pressure  kW 
Motor efficiency    %
Load hours per day    h
Motor power consumption  kW
Useable energy per full load hour    kWh  
Heating period per year    days
Price heating oil    $/l
Calorific value of heating oil    kWh/l
CO2 emissions heating oil    kg CO2/l
Central heating efficiency    %
Savings    $/year
     kg CO2/year
Price natural gas    $/m³
Natural gas calorific value    kWh/m³
CO2 emissions natural gas    kg CO2/m³
Central heating efficiency    %
Savings    $/year
     kg CO2/year
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