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Rotary blower package with integrated controls

Com-paK Rotary Blower Packages: BBC Series



Blower: Omega 21P 
2 to 10 hp, 57 to 146 CFM

Blower: Omega 22P 
5 to 20 hp, 60 to 209 CFM


Blower: Omega 23P 
5 to 20 hp, 85 to 270 CFM

Pressures up to: 15 psig
Vacuum to: 15" Hg             

checkedAvailable as an Integrated Package!

Compact footprint
The Com-paK blower package's unique component layout minimizes space requirements.  All maintenance and access points are located on the front while all process and utility connections are located on the back.  This enables multiple blower packages to be installed side-by-side without the need for additional access clearance.  
3-lobe OMEGA block   Omega Profile
Kaeser's Omega Profile is our proprietary design and machined to the finest tolerances for optimum internal clearances.  The enhanced tri-lobe design provides significantly reduced pressure pulsations and lower noise levels.  Precision machined, case-hardened, spur-type timing gears in conjunction with oversized cylindrical roller bearings provide years of reliable service.
silent   Quiet operation
Anti-vibration pads absorb vibrations before they reach the floor or sound enclosure.
   Low pulsations and quiet operation

Com-paK units feature Kaeser's Omega tri-lobe blowers with unique pressure equalization channels to substantially reduce pulsations.  Lower pulsations mean less stress to sensitive process equipment and significantly reduced noise levels. Plus, the Com-paK enclosures are built for exceptional noise attenuation and use heat-resistant Trevira® polyester wool.

   Low operating costs
Over the lifetime of any blower system, energy costs far exceed the initial capital cost. Every Kaeser blower package is equipped with high efficiency Omega Profile rotors and conservatively-sized EPAct compliant TEFC/IP-55 motors to ensure maximum energy savings and outstanding system performance.
oil changing   Simple maintenance
Drain valves with gasketed caps mounted in the front, just inside the access door simplify oil changes.
belt tensioning   Automatic belt tensioning
The automatic V-belt tensioning device with visual indicator minimizes transmission losses and extends belt life for increased reliability and reduced maintenance. 
sight glasses   Easy fluid checks
High visibility oil sight glasses allow the fluid level to be easily checked from the front of the unit.  
axial fan on rotary blower package   Effective cooling

The combination of air ducts in the sound enclosure and powerful fans create a highly efficient cooling system that ensures effective cooling even for frequency-controlled units.

   Outdoor installation
Installing Kaeser blower packages outdoors is easy and inexpensive. Units can be equipped with specially designed rainproof air inlets and bird protection screens, enabling normal outdoor operation. 
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