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Membrane dryers



Model: KMM Series
A wide range of air flow capacities are available
Pressures: up to 200 psig

The Kaeser Modular Membrane Dryer (KMM) produces pressure dew points to -40°F. It is perfect for small to medium compressed air systems. KMMs do not require electricity or cooling water, which simplifies installation even in existing systems. They are particularly effective in reaching low pressure dew points when used with a refrigerated dryer and installed at the point of use.


Efficiency and Dependability

The KMM dryer provides many advantages over conventional membrane dryer models. The "inflow" design ensures outstanding drying results by effectively removing moisture, enhancing pressure stability and reducing pressure differential. The welded aluminum housing and epoxy powder coating provide durability in harsh environments.  Its lightweight design requires no additional support structure, and the space-saving modular design connects easily to prefiters and afterfilters. In-line filters are recommended with a KMM to prevent contaminants from reaching the sensitive membrane fibres.


Leistungsfähig: Inflow-System   The "In-flow" System
The "in-flow" design promotes inside to outside permeation and enables the highly resistant membrane fibers in the dryer insert to provide exceptional drying results.
Effizienter durch Helixanordnung   Efficient “Helix” Structure
The internally coated membrane fibers are wound in a “helix” structure that increases the fiber surface area in contact with the compressed air. Even air distribution and an increased efficiency are the result of this reliable, compact drying unit.
Spülluftstopventil   Precision Purge Air Nozzle
A precision purge air nozzle is specifically dimensioned to divert only the required amount of compressed air for purge which helps reduce operating costs.
Spülluftstoppventil    Optional Purge Air Stop Valve
To avoid unnecessary purge air flow, an optional solenoid stop valve on the purge air outlet can be closed when there is no air demand.
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