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Refrigerated Air Dryers


Kaeser' refrigerated air dyers are available from 10 to 12,500 scfm. non-cycling, cycling, and dual control dryers provide maximum efficiency by offering the best drying solution for a wide array of applications.


Secotec cycling refrigerated dryersSecotec refrigerated cycling dryers

Models: TA 5 up to TF 340
Flow capacity: 20-1060 scfm at 100 psig

These energy-saving refrigeration dryers provide a minimum pressure dew point of 38°F. The Secotec TE and TF series includes Sigma Control Smart controller as well as the SecoPack LS system.

Kryosec Refrigerated (Non-cycling) Dryers

Models: TAH 5 to TCH 45
Flow capacity: 12 to 159 cfm (compressors up to 40 hp)

Kryosec refrigerated dryers provide dependable drying in ambient temperatures up to 122 °F and ensure high efficiency performance through their low maintenance design and the minimal pressure loss heat exchanger system.

Energy-saving refrigerated dryers

Dual Control
Models: TH 371 to TI 901
Flow capacity: 1300 to 3000 scfm @ 100 psig

Demand Manager
Models: TF 171E to TI 901E
Flow capacity: 600 to 3000 scfm @ 100 psig

These refrigerated dryers offer a choice of two energy-saving control methods to suit the specific industrial application.

modular high capacity refrigerated dryerModular high capacity refrigerated dryers

Models: TK 1060 up to TM 3540

Flow capacity: 3750-12,500 scfm at 100 psig

These large compressed air refrigerated dryers are the perfect solution to deliver clean, dry compressed air systems with high capacity or varying air demand.

high temperature refrigerated dryerHigh temperature refrigerated dryer

Model: HTRD
Flow capacity: 20 to 145 scfm

Specifically designed to handle the high discharge temperatures of piston compressors, these refrigerated dryers can provide dew points as low as 50 °F at rated conditions.

Combination desiccant/refrigerated Hybritec dryerHybritec combination dryer

Models: DT
Flow capacity: 700 to 5,300 scfm

These units combine refrigerated dryers with desiccant dryers for optimum energy saving potential. They are ideally suited for large volume applications where the required dew points vary seasonally.

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