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Kaeser Compressor Parts and Manuals


Genuine Kaeser Parts for your Compressors, Dryers, Blowers and your Compressed Air System

As the owner of a Kaeser air system, you recognize the value of premium equipment. Kaeser spare parts and consumables are specifically designed to keep your Kaeser equipment running at peak performance, providing superior functionality and reliability. To make sure you get genuine Kaeser parts, contact your local authorized representative.

Premium Fluids
Kaeser Premium Fluids are specially formulated and offer outstanding wear protection, long life and smooth lubrication - even at low temperatures.  They also separate easily from water to simplify condensate treatment.
Service and repair kits
Kaeser service and repair kits contain parts that wear over time.  Having these kits in stock and readily available, makes routine maintenance easier and helps streamline scheduled downtime.  
service kits

Need parts or a manual?

Use our Distributor Look-up Tool to find your local distributor for Kaeser equipment and spare parts, or simply fill out the form below to have someone contact you. Please complete all fields marked with *.

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Kaeser Compressors will use this information to process your literature request.  Please be assured that we will not sell your data to mass marketers, or third parties soliciting products unrelated to your area of interest.  

Air filter elements
Replacement air filter elements prevent dirt and dust entering and damaging the airend. When changed at regular intervals, they  substantially extend the compressor's service life.  
filter element
Separator cartridge kit
A kit is available for each model in the Kaeser compressor range and contains the appropriate seals and separator cartridges. Only genuine Kaeser separator cartridges ensure lowest possible remaining oil content.
separator cartridge kit
Fluid filter
Kaeser's durable fluid filters are designed for low pressure drop and longer service intervals. By effectively cleaning the recirculating fluid, they protect and preserve the airend, reduce premature wear and extend the compressor's overall service life.
fluid filter
Filter elements
Genuine Kaeser replacement filter elements guarantee effective filtration and low pressure drop. They seal perfectly with the filter housing, are supported by stainless steel orifice tubes and fitted with oil and acid resistant end caps.
filter elements
Activated carbon filters
Designed for use in Kaeser Condensate Filters, activated carbon filter elements are easy to replace.  Plus, they help reduce costs associated with contaminated condensate disposal.  
activated carbon filters
Kaeser replacement V-belts are specially designed and selected to meet demanding compressor drive requirements.  In conjunction with Kaeser's automatic belt tensioning system, these belts offer the ultimate in durability and performance.
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