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Portable compressor Mobilair M58

Mobilair: Tow Behind and Portable Air Compressor with Flows to 1200 cfm


Portable Air Compressor Specifications

Models: Mobilairâ„¢ Series
Capacities:  50 to 1200 cfm
Standard pressures: 100 to 145 psig
Selected models with pressures to 205 psig 

Kaeser's Mobilair line of portable air compressors are designed and built for rugged use and dependable performance.  These portable air compressors provide a reliable source of compressed air for construction sites and other industry applications such as demolition, sand blasting, sprinkler irrigation and monument engraving. A wide range of tow behind air compressor models and accessories are available to suit virtually any need.

For additional information or for an overview of our complete line of portable air compressors, check out our Mobilair portable air compressor literature.


Portable Air Compressor Models: Mobilair Series


ModelsFlow at 100 psigLiterature
M15 Mobilair portable compressorM15 portable air compressor50 cfm Download literature
M17 portable air compressor60 cfm
M27 compressorM27 towable diesel air compressor92 cfmDownload literature
M27utility-thumbnailM27 utility mount diesel air compressor92 cfmDownload literature
M50_thumbnailM50 towable diesel air compressor185 cfmDownload literature
M58 thumbnailM58 towable diesel air compressor210 cfm Download literature
M58 utility thumbnailM58 utility mount diesel air compressor210 cfm Download literature
C-New_M114M114 towable diesel air compressor375 cfmDownload literature
M250 portable compressorM250 towable diesel air compressor    930 cfm (at 125 psig)Download literature
M350 portable compressorM350 towable diesel air compressor1200 cfm (at 125 psig)Download literature


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   Sigma Profile Airend
The Sigma Profile airend provides more air with less fuel consumption. Plus, all units include a high-capacity, cold start battery for reliable starting and our heavy-duty, fuel-efficient diesel engines comply with all EPA emissions standards.
Fuel tank for diesel air compressor   Large Fuel Tank
Our diesel air compressors have a large capacity fuel tank which provides extended operation - over ten hours of run time - and has a large filler neck with overflow protection for safe, easy filling.
Gull Wing Doors    Portable Air Compressors with Heavy Duty Construction
Mobiliar portable air compressors are constructed from durable, industrial grade materials that resist rust and corrosion as well as provide exceptional noise attenuation - to 73dB(A).  Towable compressors feature torsion bar suspension, oversized tires and height adjustable tow bar for superior road handling.
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