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Sigma Control Mobil


This advanced compressor controller ensures optimized compressed air availability and fuel efficiency using state-of-the-art electronic motor management. The system is both shock- and vibration proof and provides electric protection in accordance with IP 65 standards. Features include user-friendly operation, system monitoring and diagnostics.


User-friendly operation

The ability to switch over manually from idling to full load operation ensures a reliable, gentle start when operating the unit in cold ambient conditions. The Sigma Control Mobil and intuitive operation mean that only 3 buttons are required to operate the compressor. Features also include automatic monitoring and shutdown and an optional cover flap to protect the control panel.

Convenient pressure adjustment

Using the arrow keys, system pressure can be precisely adjusted in 1.5 psig increments on the Sigma Control Mobil's display. This not only enhances flexibility but, in combination with the electronic inlet valve control, also achieves significant energy savings – especially when operating in partial load.

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