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Compressed Air Piping


SmartPipe installation at concrete plant

Piping selection directly affects the three key elements of every compressed air system: flow, pressure and air quality. Poor choices in pipe materials, diameter, and layout cause flow restrictions, often resulting in significant pressure drop. Pressure drop is a main cause of increased energy consumption and underperforming air driven tools and equipment.

Choices in piping also directly impact installation costs. Heavier materials increase fatigue and slow work, especially in overhead installations. Also consider the types of fittings to be used. Some connection types cause pressure drop, need special tools, and take more time to install.

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Common compressed air piping materials with their advantages and disadvantages.

Black IronModerate material costsLabor intensive installation
Readily available in multiple sizesMay rust and leak
Rough inside promotes contaminant build-up and creates pressure drop
Galvanized IronModerate material costsOften only exterior is coated
Readily available in multiple sizesLabor intensive installation
Some rust protectionRough inside promotes contaminant build-up and creates pressure drop
May rust at joints and leak
CopperNo rust; good air qualityRequires quality brazing to prevent leaks
Smooth interior; low pressure dropSusceptible to thermal cycling
Installation involves open flame
Stainless SteelNo rust; good air qualityLabor intensive installation
Smooth interior; low pressure dropExpensive materials


Susceptible to UV light and some compressor lubricants
Not OSHA compliant
Becomes brittle 
 AluminumCorrosion resistant
Easy to install
Lower cost of ownership 
Limited pressure ratings
Material costs

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Compressed Air Piping
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