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Kaeser Success Stories


In addition to our whitepapers, magazine articles, and video testimonials, we also have some documented Success Stories where we have helped our customers save money and energy. Use the links below to read each story or download the PDF version found on our literature page.


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Sweet Savings

One of the world's leading candy and gum manufacturers had no idea how much their compressed air system was costing them. Four compressors (total 290 hp) supplied the air needed for pneumatic controls, packaging, and wax line extrusion applications. Excessive water in the compressed air lines, steep maintenance costs, and high noise levels had them looking for a new solution.

Simplify and Stabilize

A precision metal fabricator was spending considerable time and money maintaining their aging compressed air system -- time that would be better spent on their business. A 40 hp, modulating control compressor supplied the flow, but problems with downtime had them looking for a more reliable solution. Additionally, even with their back-up 40 hp unit, system pressure fluctuations caused frequent disruptions to their compressed air supply, impacting reliability at the point-of-use and left them wondering if their compressor was undersized.

Clean Sweep!

An aerospace parts manufacturer was experiencing high maintenance costs as well as excessive downtime with their compressed air system. Their modulating control compressor caused unnecessary energy usage on the weekends and off-peak times, resulting in exceptionally high energy costs. Additionally, problems with air quality led to product rejects and costly scrap rates.

Automotive Overhaul!

An automotive parts manufacturer was experiencing severe inefficiencies with their compressed air system. Three centrifugal compressors vented unused air and the rotary screw compressor cycled on and off too frequently because the system was not properly controlled. Additionally, annual maintenance was excessive, costing around $109,000 each year.

The Sweet Sound of Savings

A music studio equipment manufacturer had problems maintaining steady pressure with their compressed air system. Additionally, there never seemed to be enough air to meet production demand despite having both a 50 hp and a 75 hp rotary screw compressor. Month after month, energy costs soared with the compressors being the highest consumers. And during the summer months, increased condensate in the lines caused severe air quality issues.

Seize the Savings!

At a plant manufacturing turbines for hydro-electric power plants, excess capacity had been a source of comfort for many years despite recommendations for system updates. Four modulating, twenty-year old compressors, two 75 hp, two 25 hp, supplied the system—without central controls—causing excessively high energy costs.

Keep It Under Control!

A Tier 1 automotive seating and electrical supplier was interested in taking advantage of local utility rebate incentives. For their compressed air needs, they had been relying on four compressors manufactured in the 1980s, inherited from a sister plant. Each unit operated in modulation control and was manually switched on and off, leaving the units continually fighting each other, resulting in wasted energy, fluctuating pressure, and increased maintenance costs.

Go with the Flow!

For many years, the compressed air system for an industry leader in furniture manufacturing relied on vacuum instead of flow to provide hold down for their CNC router tables. Despite having multiple rotary screw vacuum units providing up to 27”Hg vacuum, there was still significant scrap materials and downtime since the sheets would move after portions were cut away. The 40 hp vacuum screw units were upgraded to 100 hp units and special roller bars were even put in place to keep the sheets in place, but the problems continued. Additionally, the leather fibers and dust that go hand-in-hand with this type of installation were harsh on the vacuum screw units. Filters collapsed and airends had to be replaced due to contamination.

Out with the Old and In with the New

For many years, the compressed air system at a metal products plant grew without taking the time to weigh the energy consumption and age of their current compressed air equipment. When production changes caused pressures to drop below acceptable levels, the plant simply added a new compressor to their existing system, without removing older compressors (averaging 15 years but ranging up to 36 years old).
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