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Step-by-step cost reduction


Using ADA and KESS to improve your bottom line

Once an air demand profile is created and operating conditions are determined, the parameters of the compressed air supply including the required pressure, delivery, air quality, power consumption and power data can be designed into the new system.

For specialized systems or unique requirements, Kaeser's highly trained engineers provide expert applications assistance.  From complex installations and challenging environments to facilities with limited space, Kaeser can design and layout a system to meet the specified requirements for performance and reliability.

Air demand profile

It all starts with the air demand. With the help of ADA, Kaeser's factory-trained experts determine the true extent of the demands the application places on the air system. 

Determining the right solution 

KESS simulates and compares possible solutions to find the one that is the most efficient.

Checking power consumption

Exact figures show the actual power consumption and energy-efficiency of each simulated system. This information is critical in developing an energy-optimized air system.

Comparing specific power

Comparing the specific power consumed against the air volume delivered clearly illustrates the compressed air system's energy efficiency. 

Computer aided design

Using state-of-the-art CAD software, Kaeser can lay out the proposed system and produce traditional two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings. Visualizing how the equipment fits into the building along with existing fixtures, piping, walls, and vents, helps ensure smooth installation, sufficient service access and reliable operation.

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